Sunday Bible Study to Begin

Beginning in June, Pastor Jim will be leading a 6-month Survey of the Old Testament.  When were the books written, and by whom?  Why were the books written?  What’s the theme of each book and what’s the theological impact of each book? Who are the people and places in the Old Testament books?  Is there an outline I can follow for my personal study?  These are just some of the questions that Pastor Jim will answer in his survey of the Old Testament.

This study will lay the foundation for future more in-depth study of the scriptures.  Pastor Jim will lead this study each Sunday from 6pm till 7pm in the fellowship hall.  Light snacks will be served. Unfortunately, Pastor Jim cannot give the study more than one day per week, but he plans to record each study and place each on the church website.

There is no set cost for the study, but participants will be asked to give a love gift to help the church cover the cost of reproducing the materials Pastor Jim has written and put together.

All are welcome and encouraged to bring a friend.  Please contact Pastor Jim if you have any questions.  The planned schedule is as follows:


          18-Jun                                     Pentateuch 1                             Genesis 

          25-Jun                                     Pentateuch 2                             Exodus

          9-Jul                                        Pentateuch 3                             Leviticus/Numbers/Deuteronomy

                                                         OLD TESTAMENT NARRATIVE
         16-Jul                                       Narrative 1                               Joshua/Judges/Ruth

         30-Jul                                       Narrative 2                               Samuel

         6-Aug                                       Narrative 3                                Kings
        13-Aug                                     Narrative 4                                Chronicles

        20-Aug                                     Narrative 5                                Ezra/Nehemiah

        27-Aug                                     Narrative 6                                Esther/Lamentations 

                                                        WISDOM LITERATURE
        10-Sep                                     Wisdom Literature 1                  Job

        24-Sep                                     Wisdom Literature 2                  Psalms

        1-Oct                                        Wisdom Literature 3                  Proverbs

        8-Oct                                        Wisdom Literature 4                  Ecclesiastes/Song of Songs

                                                         THE MAJOR PROPHETS
        15-Oct                                      The Major Prophets 1                 Isaiah 

        29-Oct                                      The Major Prophets 2                Jeremiah/Lamentations/Ezekiel

        5-Nov                                       The Major Prophets 3                 Daniel 

                                                         THE MINOR PROPHETS
        12-Nov                                     The Minor Prophets 1                 Hosea/Joel/Amos

        19-Nov                                     The Minor Prophets 2                 Obadiah/Jonah/Micah

        3-Dec                                       The Minor Prophets 3                 Nahum/Habakkuk/Zephaniah

        10-Dec                                     The Minor Prophets 4                 Haggai/Zephaniah/Haggai
        17-Dec                                     The Minor Prophets 5                 Zachariah/Malachi

Sunday School/Bible Study

Sunday School Changes

.On Sunday mornings at 9:30, our Sunday School will have "Breakfast and Bible" study.  A table with coffee, juice, muffins, fruit, etc. will be available for Sunday School participants.  You do not need to bring anything to enjoy the food and fellowship!

In addition, beginning January 21 Pastor Jim will be leading a Sunday School class AFTER the morning service.  Class will begin 20 minutes after our worship service concludes and will last approximately 45 minutes.  Sandwich meat and bread will be available, or you may bring your own lunch.  This will be a "Bible Study Lunch."  This class is open to those who are not a part of a Sunday School class now.  We do plan to expand this class in the future, but for now this class is designed to accommodate those who find it difficult to attend our 10:00 Sunday School.  The first study is by Dr. David Platt and is entitled, "Follow Me."  Please let Pastor Jim know if you plan to attend.