College Students Celebrate Christmas!

Joyce and Frank Sweet hosted a Christmas party for our college students at their home during Longwood University's exam week!  Former Youth Pastor, Brittany Perkins Dalton, organized the games.  Our college students relieved some "exam stress" and remembered the real reason for our Christmas Season through fellowship, food and fun!

Collegiate Ministries

Longwood University College Students and Our Youth Fellowship on Clean-up Day, April 27, 2019!

Welcome Back to Our College Students! 

We love having you back home with us!

   Glenn Memorial's proximity to Longwood University and Hampden-Sydney College means we have lots of college students attending our church.  Come on any Sunday morning and you will see many pews completely filled with college students!  We offer ministries for our college students including:

Families who Adopt a Student, providing the college student with family meals and a Christian "home away from home."

College Sunday School Class meets Sunday morning at 10:00AM!

Our Baptist Women provide meals for college students on Campus.

                                               ATTENTION STUDENTS:  UPCOMING EVENTS! 
                              (Please contact Pastor Jim or Joyce Sweet if you can help with either of these events!)
                                                    Lunch for Intervarsity Leadership Planning--
On August 23, 2019 at noon, the
                                                                  Glenn Memorial Baptist Women will host a lunch at BCM for the Longwood
                                                                  University and Hampden Sydney College Intervarsity Leadership
                                                                  Planning Students.
                                                   Lunch for Intervarsity Students and their Guests--
On Friday, September 6, 2019
                                                                  from 10AM until 3PM, Glenn Memorial Baptist Church will provide lunch
                                                                  at the BCM for Longwood University and Hampden Sydney College
                                                                  Intervarsity students and their guests.

Collegiate Ministries Resources:
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Collegiate Ministries